Evidence lists for celebrating winsOne of the most important things that successful people do, and particularly those who run a business, is to keep a mindful eye on where they have come from and where they intend to go.

The turn of the New Year is a great opportunity to set resolutions and new goals, but many times, one of the most overlooked aspects of doing so is in looking at what you achieved. In fact, you might feel that you weren’t successful at achieving your resolutions until you sit down and spend the time to put together an evidence list.

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Hiring Virtual Assistants As a freelance writer, my business initially started off being able to provide virtual assistant services and freelance writing content to other people. However, as my business grew quickly over the course of the past five years, I realized that I simply could not do everything on my own anymore, thus my introduction to the world of hiring virtual assistants to help me.

Since that time, I’ve trained and assisted hundreds of wannabe virtual assistants in launching their own careers. I have even helped provide matchmaking services to busy entrepreneurs who need help outsourcing some tasks.

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Negative Feedback Management

No one wants to hear negative feedback. Trust me, I’m the last person who wants to get feedback from my clients if they aren’t happy about something. However, it’s much easier to be open to receiving criticism when you know that you are not being attacked personally.

Now it’s a whole different ball game altogether if a client has a track record of saying nasty comments to you, many of which are not founded in reality – and trust me, I’ve been there with those types of clients too. That’s a great opportunity to cut and run and avoid interacting with the client ever again.

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Self-care to survive the holidays - Sweet Success SocietyThe holidays and festivities are among us. Christmas music is playing in the malls, holiday displays line the streets of downtowns, and parades and festivities are in full-swing! As wonderful as the holidays are, they also come with their challenges. Self-care is incredibly important during this highly stressful, busy time of year. Here are five self-care tips and tricks you can implement into your routine to keep you sane this holiday season!

1. Find time to be with yourself

Self-care to survive the holidays - Sweet Success SocietyIn the chaos of the holidays, it can sometimes be hard to find time to be alone.

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Burnout is one of the most explosive things that can happen in your business and it can bring things to a sudden and screeching halt, as you watch your income dwindle to zero when you find yourself suddenly and unexplainably unable to do anything. Burnout is a serious conundrum in the online entrepreneur community today because we are constantly bombarded with advertisements promising the benefits of hustling 24/7, never giving up, taking on more and more projects etc. etc. etc. I have fallen victim to near burnout several times and have had to walk myself back from the edge of the cliff of feeling like I didn’t even want to be in business anymore.

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Whew, we’ve survived another wedding season! Now there’s a small window to recharge and safely scroll through our Facebook and Instagram feeds where apples and pumpkins, autumn leaves and warm blankets replace white gowns and sparkly rings. Until the holidays arrive and the next wave of engagement announcements come sure as sugar cookies and watching Elf.

That’s not coming from bitterness, I promise. Like many of my fellow ladies, I’m in a happy, healthy relationship and we’ve talked about marriage as much as he’s diced onions for me. In other words,

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We’re all trying to create our dream life, right? The dream career, dream relationship, dream house, dream bank account. Most of us spend a lot of time very focused on our path; we set goals every year, we journal, we read books, listen to podcasts, take courses, and visualize ourselves with that ideal job or business, that perfect partner, the financial freedom, the house. Once we kind of discover our passions and what we want a lot of our life starts to revolve around the path to get what we want.

We put so much time and energy into reaching our dreams,

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I’ve probably had a mentor since I was about 11-years-old. Granted, my mentor when I was a kid played a far different role than my current mentors do in my life. Regardless, the fact remains the same. Mentorship has been integral to my upbringing and development as a human being. I would not be where I am today without said mentors’ help along the way. Here’s why having a mentor is integral to your personal development and how to find them.Every boss babe needs a mentor - Sweet Success Society

Why you need a mentor
1. people learn through observation

How many times have you seen someone doing something really cool,

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Oh my goodness, we have something extra special to share with you today!

I’m so so excited to announce that our Ultimate Hashtag Library is now available—for FREE!

This is by no means your average hashtag list, my friends. Our team has put in some serious work to make it as positively amazing as possible.

You can access 25 pages of 700+ optimal hashtags. They’re sorted into 23 categories/niches and, best of all, we’ve taken the time to pull the numbers and sort them by hashtag counts (aka, popularity rankings). You can visually and efficiently choose which hashtags are best suited for you and your audience. 

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We’ve all heard the saying “failure isn’t an option”, right? Okay, now what if I told you that saying is complete bullshit? You’ve probably been hearing that your whole life much like I have. Chances are if you’re anything like me you got in trouble every time you failed at something. Whether it was poor grades in school or having a meltdown in public (hello, childhood anxiety) you were probably punished in some way.

Failure - Sweet Success Society

If this wasn’t the case for you, consider yourself lucky because you’re probably a pretty well-adjusted human being. For those who have been taught from a young age that failure is bad,

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